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Rhinoplasty Recovery Timeline

Rhinoplasty Timeline Before and After Surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery has the potential to result in both swelling and bruising or “black and blue” for a period of time following surgery. This is a normal result of any surgery. However, because nose surgery involves the most central aspect of the face, it is common to be concerned with the extent and duration of these symptoms. The photographs below give a general idea of the greatest amount of swelling and bruising one can reasonably expect to experience. Often, however, the swelling and bruising is significantly less.

The patient below underwent a complete rhinoplasty. All aspects of her nose were addressed in order to achieve her desired final result. She is seen here at her preoperative meeting that took place 2 weeks prior to the date of her rhinoplasty surgery. She is then seen the day after her nose surgery. At this visit she was evaluated to ensure she was doing well and her internal nasal packing was removed. The day 1 after photograph shows the maximum about of swelling and “black and blue” that this patient experienced. The third after photograph was taken 1 week following her surgery. At this appointment, the tiny sutures that were used to close the small skin incision were removed. In addition, the external nasal splint was removed as well. This photograph demonstrates that most of the swelling and “black and blue” has resolved, although, some remains, specifically around the eyes and at the tip of the nose. The 2 week photograph demonstrates that there are almost no residual signs of surgery and by 1 month (the last photograph) almost all swelling has completely resolved.


zoom-iconBefore nose surgery - photo of patient
Before Surgery Photograph
zoom-iconDay 1 after nose surgery - photo of patient
Day 1 After Surgery Photograph
zoom-iconDay 7 after nose surgery - photo of patient
Day 7 After Surgery Photograph
zoom-iconDay 14 after nose surgery - photo of patient
Day 14 After Surgery Photograph
zoom-iconDay 30 after nose surgery - photo of patient
Day 30 After Surgery Photograph
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