Facelift Surgery

This is the ultimate procedure for women and men to turn back the clock in a single surgery that will last for many years. Dr. Robert Morin, a board certified plastic surgeon, performs facelifts that are fully customized to patient’s skin tissues and muscle conditions. His facelifts are known to include the following features:

  • Tightening and lifting facial muscles that sagged, replacing them back in their original positions.
  • Removing facial wrinkles and fine lines by redraping the skin.
  • Removing excess skin while minimizing signs of surgery – hidden scars and fast recovery techniques.

Facelift Candidates

A facelift procedure is most often recommended by Dr. Morin for patients who:

  • Show visible signs of aging.
  • Have skin that is elastic, but drooping.
  • Are seeking to eliminate the appearance of deep wrinkles.
  • Reduce droopiness of skin around the cheeks and jaw line.
  • Cannot achieve their aesthetic goals with non-surgical treatments such as lasers and fillers.
  • Have good overall health – a facelift is often considered more dangerous for patients who are overweight or who exhibit other health-related complications.
before - iconFemale patient before facelift surgery - photo
after - iconFemale patient after facelift surgery - photo

The surgery is typically conducted on patients ranging in age from their early 40s to mid 70s. For an accurate, personalized evaluation, call (212) 740-7500 for our NYC office or (201) 488-3422 for our New Jersey office to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Morin. You can also fill out our contact form.

Preparing for Your Facelift

It is important to maintain reasonable expectations for your facelift surgery. Though proven to greatly reduce the signs of aging, facelifts need to be done professionally to avoid an over tight look. Dr. Morin takes into consideration how you would look like in 10 years, not only the immediate results of your facelift. He will listen to your goals on a one-on-one private consultation and will explain what can be achieved with a facelift, perhaps in combination with skin pigmentation, texture, eye lift, neck lift, rhinoplasty, and other procedures that can be done on the same day if needed.

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Your Facelift Surgery Day

Anesthesia is administered to ensure the patient’s comfort and help ease any pain. A well concealed incision is made from the patient’s ear to their hairline. Dr. Morin uses surgical tools to reposition deep muscles and tissues. He redrapes the skin and removes excess skin. In this way, Dr. Morin is able to lift the corners of the mouth and decrease the appearance of wrinkles lining the space between the cheeks and lips.

before - iconFemale patient before facelift surgery - photo
after - iconFemale patient after facelift surgery - photo

A facelift performed by Dr. Morin is considered an out-patient procedure and is typically completed within 2-5 hours, depending on the complexity. Following the procedure, Dr. Morin seals the well concealed incision with and may place a drain beneath the skin on the back of the ear. Bandages are then carefully wrapped to discourage swelling.

Recovery After a Facelift

The bandage will be removed within 2 days, while stiches will be removed by Dr. Morin within 10 days. It is highly recommended that potential patients avoid smoking and drinking alcohol in the days leading up to the procedure.

A facelift involves minimal downtime, and patients are generally able to go out of their homes a week after surgery with makeup. They can resume their normal level of physical activity within 3 weeks after the procedure. It is normal for your face to feel stiff after surgery. Numbness and dry skin is common after a facelift, but will gradually subside after a few months.

before - iconFemale patient before facelift surgery - photo
after - iconFemale patient after facelift surgery - photo

Dr. Morin – A True Facelift Specialist

Dr. Morin has been practicing in New York and New Jersey for many years and is highly-trained in plastic surgery. He performs plastic surgeries a few days a week and his aesthetic abilities have been featured on major national TV shows. He has lectured on his facelift and other surgical techniques in front of his colleagues in professional meetings. He constantly refines his minimally-invasive, natural looking face lifting technique which is considered among the most advanced in the field.

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