Infra-Areolar Incision Breast Augmentation

During breast augmentation, an incision must be made to allow for placement of the breast implant. The placement of the incision is a very important decision as it may result in scarring and could impact breast function if not placed correctly. When Dr. Morin performs breast augmentation, he chooses between an infra-areolar incision and inframammary fold incision. The type of incision he creates will depend upon the patient’s unique breast anatomy and goals for surgery.

Placement of an Infra-areolar Incision

The infra-areolar incision is sometimes referred to as the peri-areolar incision. You may also hear people refer to this as “going through the nipple.” This is because the incision is placed just outside the border of the areola, the darker skin that surrounds the nipple. If a fine white scar does form, it will be less apparent against the lighter skin then if it were created within the areola itself. During surgery, Dr. Morin uses a scalpel to create an arc-like incision in the lighter colored skin along the lower portion of the areola.


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Benefits of Infra-areolar Incision

Incisions created in this area of the breast tend to heal very well, leaving only a fine white line once the skin has healed. By creating the incision on the edge of the areola, scarring will be well concealed as the mind already anticipates a transition in this area. Another benefit of the infra-areolar incision is the level of precision it allows the surgeon. When Dr. Morin creates this incision, he is able to place the implants in any plane of the breast to create the exact look that is desired.

Things to Consider

Dr. Morin prefers to perform the infra-areola incision as he believes it offers the best results with the lowest risks to his patients. While he believes the inframammary fold incision is reasonable, he would prefer to place the scar in a less conspicuous area.

Which Incision is Better?

When an experienced surgeon like Dr. Morin performs breast augmentation the risk of any of these complications is very low, regardless of the incision that is made. Dr. Morin will take your concerns and goals for surgery into consideration before determining which incision type is required. In general, Dr. Morin is more likely to recommend the infra-areolar incision. He has found that this technique allows him the greatest precision and control and results in the most well concealed surgical scars.

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