Dr. Robert Morin started the podcast series, The Cosmetic Decision, in order to help guide you to the highest quality surgical care possible, when appropriate. His goal, however, is also to be the voice of reason, in a world where cosmetic surgery decisions are at times, getting out of control. Listen to each episode below or click here to subscribe via iTunes.

A New Revolution in Plastic Surgery

I recently got a chance to go to Paris and spend time with renowned plastic surgeon Olivier Gerbault, Dr.Gerbault has spent the past 3 years refining a new technique that ...

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Finding a Team for Gender Confirming Surgery

The number of gender confirming surgeries performed in the United States alone has increased in the past several years. But yet it seems it is still hard to access and fin...

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Don’t Be an Early Adopter

You don't want to just follow the trends in the world of cosmetic surgery. The newest trend might be the best thing for sales in the cosmetic world, but might not be the b...

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Choosing Your Plastic Surgeon

In the last 20 years, over 500 unlicensed practitioners have been arrested for performing thousands of illegal cosmetic procedures in the state of Florida alone. You NEED to d...

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When is Elective Cosmetic Surgery Appropriate

Today I explain the difference between elective and non-elective surgery and share my thoughts on when elective surgery is appropriate....

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Surgery Has Limits

Welcome to The Cosmetic Decision with Dr. Robert Morin. I've started this podcast to be your voice of reason in a world where cosmetic surgery has gone too far. In this epis...

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