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Your revision rhinoplasty by Dr. Morin is thus primarily designed to advance your satisfaction with your look.

Written by Dr. Morin

A revision rhinoplasty is intended to correct nasal deformities that were either not addressed during the original rhinoplasty or that developed after surgery. It is an entirely new surgery, with new goals, techniques, and expectations. It is not uncommon for patients seek revision rhinoplasty for a third, fourth, or fifth time. When Dr. Morin meets patients for an initial consultation in NJ, he tries to understand what are their main functional or aesthetic concerns, and explain what can be realistically achieved with corrective surgery.

Why Get a Revision Rhinoplasty

You are not compelled to be completely in love with the results of your first nose job, and Dr. Morin understands that. Patients are entitled to feeling dissatisfied with the results of their nose job and wanting more work done. Your revision rhinoplasty by Dr. Morin is thus primarily designed to advance your satisfaction with your look. Below is a list of the most common reasons that patients search for a surgeon like Dr. Morin to perform their revision rhinoplasty:

  • A nose, even after surgery, can still appear too large or need further refinement. The nostrils may be too wide, and the overall shape of your nose may not suit your face.
  • On the other hand, your new nose may be too refined if too much tissue was removed during the first nose job. In this case, Dr. Morin will construct a graft to recover the correct contour and projection of your nose.
  • The patient is experiencing difficulty breathing through the nose that either existed before or that resulted from the original nose job.

When to Consider a Revision Rhinoplasty?

Since swelling from a rhinoplasty can last for an entire year, and the full results of your nose job can change within this time, Dr. Morin generally recommends that patients considering a revision rhinoplasty wait an entire first before committing to a revision rhinoplasty. This way, they can make sure that undergoing a new procedure is really in their best interest. This also ensures that the nose is healed and able to be operated on.

Because a revision rhinoplasty can be more complicated than a regular rhinoplasty surgery, it is even more important that the patient is in good health. Be sure to relate any medical concerns with Dr. Morin at your consultation appointment, so that he can adjust his surgical techniques accordingly and can make sure that a revision rhinoplasty is a reasonable option for you.