Ethnic Rhinoplasty

The main difference between an ethnic rhinoplasty and a, “Caucasian rhinoplasty” is that an ethnic rhinoplasty focus on nasal characteristics that are unique to certain ethnicities. The term ethnic rhinoplasty, therefore, is just a way of denoting that your surgery will be designed to address these unique characteristics. A Caucasian rhinoplasty, meanwhile, typically serves the interest of those an European descent.

No two patients have the exact same facial framework, Still, it is true that your race can directly affect the look of your nasal tip, can make you prone to developing a hump or bump, and can even have a determining factor in the size and width of your nasal base. Dr. Morin understands that each culture has distinct characteristics as well as unique ideas of beauty. These standards guide him in shaping your new nose, so that the results of your ethnic rhinoplasty can be as natural as possible while keeping your individual and cultural preferences as the priority of the surgery.

Your Ethnic Rhinoplasty

The most common categories of the ethnic rhinoplasty, each of which Dr. Morin has particular experience working with, are Asian, African American, and Middle Eastern nose jobs. Each of these cultures have unique characteristics, and thereby, require unique attention by a knowledgeable surgeon like Dr. Morin. Below is a simple breakdown of some of the distinguishing features that are typically of patients of the different ethnic rhinoplasties:

Asian Rhinoplasty

  • A bread and/or flat nasal bridge
  • A nasal tip that lacks definition projection or support
  • Thick nasal skin

African American Rhinoplasty

  • A relatively wide nasal bridge
  • A short, wide nasal tip
  • Wide Nostrils
  • Thick nasal skin

Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty

  • A distinct hump or bump that creates the appearance of nasal misalignment
  • A bulbous nasal tip
  • Thick nasal skin

A dominating nose can take away attention from the rest of your face. Your ethnic rhinoplasty has the potential to open up the rest of your face, brightening your eyes while creating a sense of harmony and symmetry. Depending on what specific techniques he must use to shape and direct your new nose, Dr. Morin will customize your ethnic rhinoplasty to improve your overall appearance in line with your racial background.

Why Choose Dr. Morin

Dr. Morin works hard to make sure that each patient he treats is completely satisfied with the way their new nose fits in with the rest of their facial features. The goal of the surgery is never to erase or change the way you are, but to create for you a new look that you will be proud to show off to friends, family, and strangers alike. Instead of trying to make you “Americanized” or Caucasian, Dr. Morin will preserve your ethnic identity so that you can stay true to who you are while still feeling confident in your own skin.

Under Dr. Morin’s care, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. He is always taking the necessary precautions to ensure your complete satisfaction and safety at all times. And, as a board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Morin is fully qualified to perform your ethnic rhinoplasty. His offices are always up-to-date with the latest technology and advances in the field so that you will be comfortable throughout the entire process. To schedule a consultation appointment and to see whether or not an ethnic rhinoplasty is a good option for you to explore, call us today and start your journey.

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