African American Rhinoplasty

The African American nose is unique, and should be treated as such. Specifically, the African American nose is characteristically wide, and is often marked by thick skin. A good, experienced surgeon will understand that patients of different ethnicities require special attention, techniques, and skill. It is for this reason that Dr. Morin has cultivated a distinct approach to modifying the stereotypically “African American” nose in his experience as a rhinoplasty specialist.

What Defines the “African American” Nose?

The most common complaint that Dr. Morin hears from candidates of an African American nose job is that their nose is too large for their face, and thus detracts from their other features. The goal of the African American rhinoplasty is two-fold: creating the perfect nasal tip, and creating the perfect size/width for the base of your nose.

Among the prominent features that define the “African American” nose are:

  • A wide, short nasal tip
  • A nasal tip that lacks proper height or definition
  • Wide nostrils that can look flared
  • Thick nasal skin around the tip, nostrils, and bridge of the nose

All of these characteristics can be addressed under Dr. Morin’s care. Upon your consultation appointment, he will take a closer look at your nose and will pay close attention to the work that you want done in order to design a strategy that fits your needs and desires. It is Dr. Morin’s job to make you happy with your nose, and he will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal as long as your requests are reasonable and realistic.

before - iconAfrican American Rhinoplasty - Before Treatment Photo - female patient, oblique view
after - iconAfrican American Rhinoplasty - After Treatment Photo - female patient, oblique view

Why Choose Dr. Morin for Your African American Rhinoplasty

The intent of any surgery performed by Dr. Morin is never to erase who you are, or to detract from your cultural background. Too often surgeons disregard the fact that an African American rhinoplasty patient comes with their own set of standards. Dr. Morin understands that the typical, Caucasian nose job is far different from the African American nose job, and adjusts his approach accordingly. It is important that your friends and family recognize you for who you are, as well as that you keep your sense of heritage. Your African American rhinoplasty will be planned so as to create a more beautiful, more defined look while still maintaining your ethnic identity.

Your Consultation at Dr. Morin’s NYC Office

Your consultation is your one-on-one time to discuss your potential African American rhinoplasty. Dr. Morin encourages you to bring in any questions you have about pre-surgery preparation, the day of the nose job, and the post-surgery recovery process. First impressions are important, and Dr. Morin wants you to feel as comfortable as possible from this point forward and throughout your entire journey together.

As a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Morin has the experience, patience, expertise to lead you to the new you. He is always sure to avoid constructing a nose that looks overdone, fake, or “plastic.” Dr. Morin will always keep your desires at the forefront of his mind, molding your new nose to highlight your other facial features and to fit in with your entire look. Together, you will design a nose that fits who you are and with which you are completely comfortable and confident. Call us today to set up a time for your initial consultation appointment and to take you one step closer to reaping the benefits of your African American rhinoplasty.

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