The Anatomy of a Deviated Nose

No one’s face is completely symmetrical. Although we all have slight variations from one side of the face to the other, a deviated or crooked nose can highlight facial asymmetry to a visible extent.

Visually speaking, the nose is the central line that divides the face. If there is an irregularity in the bone and/or cartilage, the nose is said to deviate, thereby creating an offset in the central line. In order to bring the features into greater harmony, it is important to understand the nature of the nasal deviation and the specific deformity of the nasal anatomy.

Your Deviated Septum

A nasal deviation can occur at different points on the nose; two of the most common areas are the septum and the tip. A deviated septum may or may not change the appearance of the nose– it depends on the severity of the bend. On the other hand, a deviated tip plays a defining role in shaping the outward appearances of the nose. The nose has a complex anatomy and, although it may not be obvious, there exists an intricate structural relationship between the septum and the tip.

The septum is the internal structure that separates the nasal passages. Because it provides the main architecture for the nose, its alignment is important. A deviated septum can obstruct the airways, causing functional problems, such as compromised breathing. When prominent enough, a deviated septum will have an impact on the positioning of the entire nose. A deviated tip may look even more exaggerated if there is an imbalance between the alar cartilages. The alar cartilages are two thin and flexible structural components that form the tip of the nose. As a pair, they ideally complement each other, and create symmetry.

To correct nasal deviation, Dr. Morin performs septoplasty, a nose surgery that straightens a deviated septum. A septoplasty can also benefit patients who have a deviated tip. Once the septum is properly aligned, the tip can be constructed using the straight septum as the base of support.

Your Deviated Septum Consultation

If you have a deviated nose and would like to know if a septoplasty is the appropriate option for you, contact Dr. Morin for a full consultation. As a rhinoplasty and septoplasty specialist, Dr. Morin understands the complexities of nasal anatomy and how to best treat all types of nasal deviations. He can recommend the procedure that can address both your functional and cosmetic concerns.

To schedule a consultation and to see whether you are a good candidate for septoplasty, call or email us today and start your journey.

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