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Robert Morin, MD is a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty surgery in New York City. This video documents his patient’s experience from her decision to have a nose job, to her rhinoplasty surgery and finally to her 6 month postoperative visit in Dr. Morin’s Manhattan office. Before and after thoughts, video and photographs are shown in NYC.

Leigh: My name is Leigh and I’m from New Jersey.

Leigh: Tomorrow I’m getting my nose done.

Leigh: I think the first time my nose started to bother me was probably in the 5th grade. It’s just always been something I’ve always been self conscious about. I’ve always looked at pictures and never had a problem with anything else, any of my other physical features, except for my nose. My nose sticks out. It’s all I see. That’s just one thing that I’ll pin point out like that needs to go.

Leigh: I found out about Dr. Morin because a girl that I work with got her nose done by him and it looked amazing. He has before and afters on his website so I looked at all of them too.

Leigh: It’s just amazing how you can see how much the nose has changed.

Leigh: I waited a little bit because I wasn’t sure how I was going to break the news to my mom that I wanted to get rid of my nose.

Leigh: So then I got the number, called and made an appointment. I wanted to get my nose done literally that day. I was like okay, sign me up, I’m ready!

Leigh: I feel like it’s something I wanted for so long. I can’t wait. I can’t wait to look in the mirror and actually not see something I don’t like. It’s just really exciting.

Dr. Morin: So how are you doing?

Leigh: Nervous, really nervous.

Dr. Morin: Don’t be nervous.

Leigh: Dr. Morin is really confident and he’s just so on top of everything.

Leigh: Make it smaller.

Dr. Morin: Good plan.

Leigh: That’s the goal.

Dr. Morin: Alright, perfect.

Leigh: He has so much enthusiasm. He loves what he does. I just think that he was the right doctor for me.

Dr. Morin: I love my job. I love what I do. I love reconstructing faces.

Leigh: Dr. Morin, I just feel like he’s such a great person. I saw pictures on his website, he goes to other countries and he fixes the little kids with cleft lip.

Leigh: Me and my mom saw it and we were both amazed. We just thought it was such a nice thing to do. And he is helping little kids. They don’t even realize what they’re getting done or how it’s going to effect them but it just changes your life.


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Dr. Morin: Reconstruction of kids faces, reconstruction of lip and nasal deformities, sort of led me to an excellent understanding of the nose which has allowed me to really perform rhinoplasties the way that they are supposed to be performed.

Dr. Morin: It all started with kids, and it sort of ended up with noses, and actually now I do both so I love what I do.

Dr. Morin: Let’s see if they’re ready for you.

Leigh: Okay.

Leigh: If it affects your self-esteem, if it is something you think about so much, fix it. If you have the right doctor, if you have someone you feel comfortable with, I don’t think anything should hold you back.

Dr. Morin: Rhinoplasty can be a life altering procedure.

Dr. Morin: A little bit of down time, a little bit of swelling, a little bit of bruising, really not that much pain, but I would say after about a week, they’re back to their normal lives, and their lives are changed forever. For the better.

Leigh: I’m just excited for the future. I’m excited for how it’s going to look in the future.

Dr. Morin: So Leigh came in, we brought her into the operating room, and we started the procedure. It was an open rhinoplasty, based on her desires and aesthetic goals. Basically bringing down the bump on her nose and making her nose a little bit more narrow. I made sure that she was able to breath well and that was it.

Leigh: We’re here six months later and I have a new nose!

Leigh: I’m really happy. I forget what my old nose looks like. Only when I look at pictures I’m like ohhh that’s what it looked like.

Leigh: Now my nose is me!

Leigh: Dr. Morin relates with you really well, so you don’t feel like he’s above you, you feel like he is on your team, he’s really into it.

Dr. Morin: So overall how do you feel about things, how was the experience? Leigh: It was good. It was definitely less painful than I thought.

Leigh: In the beginning I was so nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. And now I look back and I’m like, why were you nervous? It’s so easy.

Leigh: I would say to someone who is thinking about getting their nose done, don’t be scared. There’s nothing to be afraid of. You’re in good hands. Nothing is going to happen. I would just say do it. You’ll feel so much better after.

Leigh: I wish I would have done it years ago.

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