Ultrasound rhinoplasty

Dr. Morin describes a new rhinoplasty technique

A rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a nose job, is one of the most frequently performed plastic surgery procedures across the nation. Over the past few decades, rhinoplasty techniques have made impressive advancements. These improvements have shown qualified rhinoplasty surgeons the great importance of structural support in nasal surgery. Dedicated surgeons now carefully reshape and reposition nasal cartilage throughout your procedure to ensure proper support of the nasal skin. Despite these advances in philosophy and technique, most surgeons still utilize the traditional instruments, including mallets, chisels and rasps that have been used for the last 50 years. Dr. Robert Morin is different. Based on recent advances in Europe, Dr. Morin has upgraded to the advanced world of ultrasound or ultrasound rhinoplasty.

This innovative technology allows Dr. Morin the precision and control required to alter the appearance of your nose in a less destructive manner. Board certified in plastic surgery, Dr. Morin was the first rhinoplasty surgeon in the New York area to use this form of rhinoplasty. This cutting edge technology uses ultrasound vibrations to precisely and gently cut and reshape bone. This advancement makes it possible for Dr. Morin to meticulously change the appearance of the nasal bones while protecting the surrounding soft tissue.

What Is Ultrasound Rhinoplasty?

An ultrasound rhinoplasty, also known as ultrasound rhinoplasty, is a revolutionary surgical procedure which originally gained popularity in Europe. ultrasound rhinoplasty was recently FDA approved in the United States and is performed by our skillful and innovative rhinoplasty surgeon. Dr. Morin was the first surgeon in New York to begin using the Piezoelectric instrument, also referred to as the “ultrasound bone aspirator,” during many of his nasal reconstruction surgeries. Dr. Morin’s experience with this advanced technology combined with his years of rhinoplasty expertise allows him the ability to precisely contour the nasal bone with the impressive power of sound.

This valuable device helps us provide successful solutions for patients with a wide range of nasal reconstructive desires. The ultrasound aspirator eliminates the need for many of the more traumatic rhinoplasty tools and allows Dr. Morin to more easily manipulate the shape of your nose. The Piezoelectric instrument specializes in the correction of subtle irregularities, bone removal and bone reshaping, creating an overall more symmetrical appearance. We are proud to offer this state-of-the-art technology, an effective way to re-contour the nasal bones which significantly decreases the risks of unintended fractures or residual bone irregularities.

How an Ultrasound Rhinoplasty is Performed

Dr. Morin utilizes “open” rhinoplasty when performing this procedure, this allows him to maintain extreme accuracy and precision over the target areas. Throughout an ultrasound rhinoplasty, Dr. Morin controls the bone aspirator and accurately repositions, smoothes and corrects the nasal bones into a more desirable shape. During an open rhinoplasty, Dr. Morin is able to correct deformities and remove bone, creating a more pleasant and desirable appearance. The ability to precisely design fractures allows Dr. Morin the ability to correct an individual’s nose while preventing contour irregularities and asymmetries and while maintaining the integrity of the surrounding tissue.

Benefits of Ultrasound Rhinoplasty

  • Since much of the postoperative swelling and bruising is caused by the imprecise cutting of bone and injury to the surrounding soft tissue, a controlled ultrasound rhinoplasty results in very little collateral damage and therefore offers a more pleasant post-procedure recovery
  • Precise cutting allowed by the bone aspirator creates a more elegant, subtle and natural nose
  • Allows the reshaping of nasal bones without breaking the bones in certain cases
before - iconPhoto ultrasonic patient before 1
after - iconPhoto ultrasonic patient after 1
before - iconPhoto ultrasonic patient before 2
after - iconPhoto ultrasonic patient after 2
before - iconPhoto ultrasonic patient before 3
after - iconPhoto ultrasonic patient after 3
before - iconPhoto ultrasonic patient before 4
after - iconPhoto ultrasonic patient after 4

How Ultrasound Rhinoplasty Compares to Traditional Rhinoplasty

ultrasound rhinoplasty is a new, disruptive technique in plastic surgery that has revolutionized the way rhinoplasty is performed. As opposed to using traditional tools, this procedure features a bone aspirator which permits greater precision and control, resulting in a more comfortable recovery and a more pleasing outcome. Small blades powered by ultrasound vibrations are used on the nasal bones instead of the archaic osteotome and mallet that have been used for the past 50 years. These blades will only cut bone, leaving the surrounding soft tissue protected from unintentional injury. Rhinoplasty surgeons are therefore able to precisely sculpt, cut and drill the nasal bones, under direct vision, in order obtain natural appearing and aesthetically pleasing results. The benefit to the patient is a more accurate remodeling of the nasal bones, in addition to less bruising, less swelling and a shorter recovery time. Dr. Robert Morin is the first rhinoplasty surgeon in the New York area to perform ultrasound rhinoplasty using Comeg’s recently approved and specially designed rhinoplasty tips.


Due to the less traumatic nature of ultrasound rhinoplasty, we’re proud to offer our patients a quicker recovery time. Unlike traditional rhinoplasty which often results in two weeks of bruising, this refined procedure allows a more comfortable recovery process. Our dedicated staff will walk you through each step of your ultrasound rhinoplasty treatment plan.

Why Choose Dr. Morin

When it comes to something as important as your nose, you should only trust an expert. Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Robert Morin has proudly reshaped the noses, and lives, of many patients throughout the New York area for many years. We’re excited to be the first provider in New York City to feature the revolutionary rhinosculpture technique, which allows Dr. Morin to offer more predictable, accurate and enhanced results. If you’re considering a rhinoplasty and you would like to learn more about the cutting edge technology associated with ultrasound or ultrasound rhinoplasty, please contact our office.

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