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Dr. Robert Morin consults
with celebrities who are interested
in enhancing their appearance through rhinoplasty.
Special nose surgery techniques
for a natural looking,
long term results.

Written by Dr. Morin

During his years in practice, Dr. Robert Morin has had the privilege of consulting with and operating on a number of celebrities we all know from movies, TV and social media. These high profile clients choose Dr. Morin because they require the highest quality results and utmost discretion. Due to his high profile as one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in New Jersey, he has been visited by celebrities from across the United States who look for a doctor to correct nasal asymmetries and defects or to improve previous surgeries that left them with an unnatural appearing nose.

Rhinoplasty Surgery for Celebrities

In reality, there is nothing magical about a celebrity’s nose – they have the same anatomic structures as anyone else. The difference is that actors and models rely upon their appearance more than the average person. Tiny changes, that are measured in millimeters, make a huge difference to the nose (and face) appearance, especially in close up shots. When choosing a plastic surgeon for their rhinoplasty, celebrities have a large network they can rely on to help them find the best surgeon for their nose job. Through their network, they can find out who has worked on other people in their field. When it comes to picking a celebrity rhinoplasty surgeon, word of mouth referrals are the strongest.

Sculpting the Celebrity Nose

As with all rhinoplasties, there is no “perfect” celebrity nose. Each case is handled individually. Celebrities have the same desires as anyone else – to correct asymmetries, improve facial harmony, and achieve balance between the face and nose. In the case of a celebrity, however, the requested change may need to be more subtle, as a large adjustment may be too noticeable or may detract from the celeb’s trademark appearance. Some celebrities made a bad choice on their initial rhinoplasty and later undergo multiple revisions to try to correct their nose’s shape. Dr. Morin’s expertise in this complex surgery allows him to design noses that will maintain their shape in the long term and are structurally sound, while looking natural and beautiful on the outside. Dr. Morin applies principles of subtlety and durability not only to his celebrity clientele, but to all of the rhinoplasty patients he sees in his NJ practice.

Discretion and Privacy Are Paramount

Celebrities, just like any other person, are protected by a number of medical privacy laws. This means that doctors cannot discuss the names of celebrities they have worked on or the specifics of their cases unless they sign a written consent. But that doesn’t stop some doctors from leaking details to the press. Dr. Morin knows that the privacy of his celebrity patients is paramount. He goes through great lengths to ensure discretion. In the weeks leading up the procedure and at all times following, Dr. Morin maintains his patients’ privacy. He knows that his best referrals come from satisfied patients – not from ramblings in the tabloids.

Schedule Your Initial Consultation

Whether you’re a celebrity rhinoplasty patient or want to be treated like one, Dr. Morin welcomes you to schedule an initial consultation at his NJ office today. When you choose Dr. Morin as your rhinoplasty surgeon, you can be assured not only of the best results possible, but also of the highest levels of respect and discretion.