Mohs Cancer Reconstruction

Complex Nasal

As a board-certified plastic surgeon and craniofacial surgeon,
Dr. Morin leverages many years of sub-specialty training, surgical
experience and compassionate care to successfully restore form,
function and integrity to the intricate nasal architecture.

Written by Dr. Morin

Before & After Photos

Complex Nasal Reconstruction

Patient Information: A composite graft reconstruction was performed on this woman who had undergone a Mohs excision of the basal cell carcinoma skin cancer involving the columella of her nose. While skin grafts alone are usually not sufficient for nasal reconstruction, composite grafts, which are skin grafts that also contain other layers of soft tissue, can produce excellent results. This patient is seen 6 months following her reconstruction and the columellar scar is barely noticeable.

Patient Information: A full thickness skin graft with a small amount of underlying fatty tissue was used in order to reconstruct the upper half of the nose in this patient who had undergone a Mohs excision of a basal cell carcinoma skin cancer. The skin of the upper half of the nose is thinner than the skin of the lower half of the nose. As a result, a slightly modified full-thickness skin graft can be used to obtain an excellent result in this area. This patient is seen 1 year following her reconstruction and her skin graft is barely noticeable.

Patient Information: An extremely complex nasal reconstruction was performed on this gentleman who had a large portion of his nose resected by a Mohs dermatologist secondary to a basal cell carcinoma skin cancer. All three layers of the patient’s nose, including lining, structural support, and skin, were missing and therefore required reconstructed. The skin was used to reconstruct the nasal lining, rib cartilage grafts were used to restore the necessary nasal support and a forehead flap was used to recreate the nasal skin. The patient is seen here 1 year following his final reconstructive procedure. All components of the nose have been successfully reconstructed and the aesthetic appearance is excellent.

Patient Information: This 43 year old woman had a biopsy proven basal cell carcinoma involving the left side of her nose. She underwent a Mohs excision of the skin cancer and was left with a large defect involving most of her left nasal sidewall. Due to the size, depth and location of the defect, the decision was made to perform a full thickness skin graft reconstruction of her nose. The 6 month after photograph demonstrates excellent nasal contour and a normal appearing nose.

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