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Nasal reconstruction - Robert Morin MD


Located in the center of the face,
the nose is one of the most prominent
features on our bodies. It is also one of
the first things people notice when
they meet you.

Written by Dr. Morin

Nasal reconstruction is a complex plastic surgery procedure designed to restore both the form and function of the nose. Complex deformities of the nose that require nasal reconstruction can result from many causes, including the removal of cancer or traumatic injuries. Following one of these causes, Dr. Morin is able to successfully reconstruct the size, shape, and structure of the nose, due to his extensive experience as a rhinoplasty surgeon. Dr. Morin’s two primary goals in nasal reconstruction are to improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose and to ensure normal nasal airflow for breathing.

Located in the center of the face, the nose is one of the most prominent features on our bodies. It is also one of the first things people notice when they meet you. As a result, even millimeter irregularities are noticeable. Therefore, why not give the world the best representation of yourself? With a nasal reconstructive surgery by Dr. Robert Morin, you will be excited to show off the new and improved, best version of you.

How it Works

Nasal reconstruction following cancer can only be performed after all of the cancer has been successfully removed. This part of the procedure is often performed by a Mohs dermatologist or a surgical oncologist. Once negative surgical margins are confirmed by a finalized pathology report, the reconstructive process can begin. The process is intended to restore the form and function of the nose, often by borrowing tissue from other parts of the body. Cartilage from the ribs or skin from the forehead may be necessary depending upon what anatomic structures within the nose are missing. Using small, strategically placed incisions Dr. Morin will expertly re-arrange skin, cartilage and bone in order to successfully re-shape the nasal bridge, tip, and nostrils. Nasal reconstruction following trauma is performed in a similar.

Because of the intricacies and challenges involved in reconstructing vital and scarce nasal tissue, a high level of technical skill and a vast knowledge of potential treatment options are necessary for success. Some of the reconstructive options Dr. Morin commonly employs includes, the bilobed flap, the nasolabial flap and the forehead flap. Cartilage grafting from the ribs and ears and skin grafting from multiple sites are also often necessary. Dr. Morin will choose a course of action that best suits your goals and anatomic needs while ensuring your utmost safety at every step of the way.

Before & After Photos

Nasal reconstruction. After Treatment photo - male patient 1
Nasal reconstruction. Before Treatment photo - male patient 1


What to Expect

Nasal reconstruction involves intricate surgery and it is important that patients are aware of the implications involved. Occasionally, multiple surgical procedures may be necessary in order to obtain an optimal result. Dr. Morin will explain in detail what to expect at every stage of the treatment process well before your surgery date. He will give you precise instructions on how to prepare, as well as what to expect in the days and weeks following surgery in order to ensure that you are always well-informed.

Your comfort, safety and excellent result are our main priorities. Dr. Morin will also do everything possible to make certain you feel the least amount of pain as possible. He will also explain how much time will be needed for recovery so you can plan your work, school and/or social life accordingly.

Nasal Reconstruction in NY and NJ

Nasal tissue is one of the most intricate, delicate, detailed and scarce tissues in our bodies. It is therefore imperative that you choose an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to successfully lead you through all aspects of the procedure. Patients from all over the world have successfully sought the surgical and artistic expertise of Dr. Robert Morin to help them achieve their nasal reconstructive goals. Dr. Morin is determined to give each patient he treats the highest quality of care, the most aesthetically pleasing results and the best nasal function possible. Thanks to Dr. Morin, you will no longer have to feel embarrassed or self-conscious about the way others are perceiving your nose, and you will never have to look less than your very best.