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Double Chin Surgery

New Jersey Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Robert Morin performs a neck lift procedure to address signs of aging such as lax skin, turkey neck and vertical banding. The neck is often one of the first areas of the body affected by the signs of facial aging. As people age, descending facial fat and loose skin begins to hang below the jaw line. An excessive accumulation of fat below the chin can also produce an undesirable appearance.

A neck lift is a surgical procedure that sculpts and smooths the jaw line and neck. During the procedure, excess fat is removed, the neck muscles are tightened and the loose skin is excised. The procedure is usually performed in combination with a facelift in order to produce a more youthful appearing neck that complements a rejuvenated face. With a special focus on facial reconstructive procedures, Robert Morin MD, is the best doctor to perform Neck Lift Surgery on NJ patients.

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When Clients Should Consider a Neck Lift

Dr. Morin recommends neck lift rejuvenation for individuals of average health, with moderate to significant signs of wrinkling in the neck area. This treatment option requires surgery and recovery time, so a neck lift offers the most benefits for those concerned about excess fat, saggy skin and creases around the neck and jawline.

In NJ we’ve treated individuals who have suffered from a disease or medical problem that has negatively impacted their jaw or neckline. We correct a host of cosmetic concerns at our New Jersey facility. Neck lift surgery is also a viable option for males and females who have experienced rapid weight-loss and seek tighter, firmer skin. Patients who experience less severe concerns may be candidates for dermal fillers or injectable rejuvenation procedures.

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Advantages of a Neck Lift in NJ

New Jersey craniofacial specialist Dr. Robert Morin improves your appearance and self confidence by dismissing concerns such as jowls or a double chin. Signs of aging can wreak havoc, even if your face is still youthful. The procedure restores definition and tightens skin, addressing signs of premature aging unobtainable by other treatment methods. A neck lift offers facial rejuvenation along with the following benefits:

  • Tightening jaw muscles
  • Eliminate “turkey waddle”
  • Create a more elegant neck
  • Get rid of loose skin
  • Redefine your chin line
  • Can be paired with other procedures (face-lift, brow-lift)

Should I Combine a Face-Lift and Neck-Lift?

If you feel that your neck and face make you appear older than you really are, the dual treatment option is perfect for optimal aesthetic results.

A facelift addresses prominent signs of aging and rejuvenates skin effected by drooping or wrinkles. However, the neck indicates aging before signs become noticeable in the facial region. Dr. Morin has developed a tailored treatment plan for patients seeking a youthful makeover. The Facelift and Necklift specialist offers both procedures in his New Jersey office for the ultimate rejuvenation package and combined recovery time.

Selecting Robert Jason Morin, MD, FACS for your Neck Lift Surgery

Dr. Robert Morin works closely with each patient to create a natural and confident neck contour, achieving the ultimate aesthetic goals. His exemplary training and state-of-the-art equipment help each patient develop the appearance of their dreams. Individuals in the New Jersey area can contact us to learn more about Neck Rejuvenation, or schedule an appointment.

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