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Post-surgical infection is the most feared complication associated with breast augmentation. Infection can occur due to contamination of the breast implant during surgery, which can happen when either too many people handle the implant or as a result of implant contact with the patient’s skin during insertion. To minimize the risk of infection, Dr. Robert Morin utilizes the “no-touch” technique, a unique approach to inserting the implant during augmentation surgery.


No-touch Technique for Breast Augmentation - Robert Morin MD
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Ideal Candidates for The “No-touch” Technique

Almost anyone who is a candidate for breast augmentation is a candidate for the “no-touch” technique, providing that the surgeon offers this technique to his or her patients. Dr. Morin is a board certified plastic surgeon who is committed to ensuring his patient’s well-being before, during, and after surgery. One of the ways he does this is by performing the “no-touch” technique whenever possible. To find out if you can benefit from this superb technique, we encourage you to contact our New Jersey, Hackensack office today to set up a consultation with Dr. Morin.

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How “No-touch” Breast Augmentation is Performed

The goal of the “no-touch” breast augmentation is to minimize contact with the pre-filled silicone breast implants that are inserted during surgery. This is achieved with the assistance of a Keller Funnel, a single-use cone-shaped device that holds the implant during insertion. After the breasts have been prepped, Dr. Morin discards his surgical gloves and puts on a new pair to ensure his hands are completely sterile. He then opens the sterile, double-pouched packaging of the funnel and activates the hydrophilic coating by submerging it in an antibacterial saline solution to make the interior of the funnel slippery. He removes the breast implant from its sterile packaging and places it into the Keller Funnel. Dr. Morin is the only person who is allowed to touch the implant while it is moved from its sterile packaging to the funnel. Finally, he trims the funnel to size based on the size of the implant.

To insert the implant, he places the tip of the funnel through the incision and carefully squeezes the funnel to move the implant into the breast pocket that he created earlier. The funnel prevents the implant from coming into contact with the patient’s skin, which is one of the main areas of potential contamination. Once the implant is in place, the augmentation proceeds as normal.

Benefits of the “No-touch” Technique

There are several potential benefits associated with the use of the “no-touch” technique. These include:

  • Minimal risk of infection after surgery
  • Shorter surgical time
  • Maintained shape of the implant
  • Decreased, hidden scarring
  • Infra-areolar incision can be used on patients with small areolas, who previously may have been unable to have this incision type

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