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Asian Rhinoplasty - Dr. Morin

What is an Asian Rhinoplasty?

An Asian rhinoplasty procedure, like the African American, Indian, and Caucasian nose job, has its own set of implications. Dr. Morin recognizes that the “Asian” nose has common, changeable features that many of his patients complain about. Over the years of his professional career, he has thus devised a unique approach to the Asian rhinoplasty, complete with specialized surgical techniques. Your Asian rhinoplasty as performed by Dr. Morin will correct the concerns you see in your nose, preserving your sense of heritage while improving your nasal shape, size, and dimension in order to fit your face.

Asian vs. Caucasian Rhinoplasty

The traditional, Caucasian rhinoplasty can vary greatly by nature. Meanwhile, the Asian nose has particular characteristics that are unique to the ethnicity. Among the most common characteristics that Dr. Morin’s patients have sought his expertise in addressing are:

  • A flat wide nasal bridge
  • A nasal tip that lacks adequate definition, projection and support
  • Wide nostrils

In addition to your nasal bones, Dr. Morin use grafts to give structure to your nose in order to create definition during your Asian rhinoplasty.

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Why Choose Dr. Morin for Your Asian Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Morin wants to make you a more confident, prouder version of you. He will never try to make you into something or someone else, which is why he does not impress the tactics of a Caucasian rhinoplasty upon his Asian patients. The goal of the Asian rhinoplasty is never to erase or undermine your cultural background, which is why this particular nose job requires a skilled, experienced surgeon.

Dr. Morin has been successfully performing the Asian rhinoplasty for many years, customizing each nose job along the way. He is your leader on this journey toward your new nose, focusing the details of your nose job on your personal recommendations as well as on his professional opinion about what nose will work best with your other facial features. You will be placed under general by a fully qualified, board certified anesthesiologist. You will be put to sleep in our comfortable, state-of-the-art facility and will wake up one step closer to the ideal nose you’ve always dreamed of.

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