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What is an Indian Rhinoplasty?

An Indian rhinoplasty is a nose job that is custom-designed by Dr. Morin for patients of Indian descent. An experienced doctor will understand that this nose job is far different from a Caucasian, Asian, or African American rhinoplasty, and will adapt accordingly. It is its own, unique surgery and thus it requires a skilled surgeon to perform a proper Indian rhinoplasty. An Indian rhinoplasty has the potential to dramatically improve your look, making you more confident in your appearance. Under the care of Dr. Morin, you will reap the benefits of your new look.

Indian Rhinoplasty - Dr. Morin

Your Indian Rhinoplasty by Dr. Morin

The Indian nose is somewhat similar to the Middle Eastern nose, and thus requires similar strategies and techniques of surgery. Patients of both ancestries often seek Dr. Morin’s expertise in changing the same characteristics the nose. The most common characteristics are:

  • A relatively wide nasal tip/nostrils
  • A nasal tip that lacks definition and/or proper projection
  • A nasal hump

Each of these features is changeable, and Dr. Morin has the experience to make sure your surgery goes well from start to finish. You will be placed under general anesthesia, administered by a board certified anesthesiologist and accommodated to your individual needs.

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Why Choose Dr. Morin for Your Indian Rhinoplasty

Having a nose that is too large, crooked, or defined by a nasal hump can be a big distraction to acquaintances, family, and friends and can detract from your overall look. Your nose is the focal point of your face, and Dr. Morin will make sure that your new nose fits in nicely with the rest of your facial features.

Dr. Morin strives to create the most natural looking nose, so that no one will be able to easily tell that surgical work has been done. He will never try to erase your background through the nose job, or mold your nose to conform to that of a “Caucasian” look. He understands that many patients are worried about staying true to their Indian culture, and will thus work with that goal in mind.

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