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If you live in or around the New Jersey metro area and want to undergo rhinoplasty, this post is for you. Patients looking for the best results for an upcoming nose job should perform extensive research before deciding upon a surgeon to perform your rhinoplasty. The right surgeon can make a huge difference in the results of your surgery. I believe many patients need guidance as to evaluating a surgeon’s competence – often rhinoplasty patients are young and have never undergone cosmetic surgery and therefore are not experienced with the selection process. The following tips will ensure that you have a concrete list of pointers to look for when considering a certain plastic surgeon.

  • Evaluate the environment in the office – is it clean, well-organized and up to date? Does the surgeon use accredited surgical facilities such as hospitals’ surgical rooms to perform procedures?
  • Explore the doctor’s website and look for proper board certification – In this day and age, it is no longer acceptable for surgeons to claim that they are “board certified.” There are too many boards that provide physicians with certifications, which the patient is often misled to believing is equivalent to experience and expertise. When interviewing a surgeon at your initial consultation appointment, it is important to inquire about the board(s) that has certified the doctor’s practice – the one to look out for is the American Board of Plastic Surgery.
  • Schedule an in-person initial consultation appointment – It is vital to get to know your doctor personally before giving them the permission to alter such an important aspect of your appearance as your nose. Are they readily available to answer all comment and concerns about your operation? Do they have appropriate computer imaging software to give you an idea of what to expect post-rhinoplasty? If you are not based in New Jersey, ask if a video conference cab bearranged through Facetime or Skype.
  • Ask to see “before and after” pictures of past rhinoplasty patients – Actual evidence of corrective rhinoplasty procedures are typically the best indication on how your new nose is likely to look. Look at as many pre/post photos as possible, even watch videos if available as well as ask to talk to a few patients.
  • Read what other patients say about the surgeon – Oftentimes, patients will leave anonymous, online reviews about the surgeon’s practice and professionalism as well as details about their particular experience. If patients have a positive experience with a surgeon, you can feel more at ease that your rhinoplasty will also go smoothly and will give you your desired results. Take into consideration that some of the comments may be false/biased but if you look at dozens of reviews, you will get the picture – do most patients feel satisfied? Do many complain about the same issues?

These tips are only a starting point for anyone looking for a rhinoplasty plastic surgeon and should serve as a point of reference. Good luck as you embark on your journey to your new nose! Feel free to email or call our office with any questions you may have.

Written by Dr. Morin
Friday, April 24th, 2015

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