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Surgeons during a consultation - learning the patient’s medical history

All surgeries are performed with one main concern in priority – patient safety. During a consultation, surgeons take the time to learn the patient’s medical history with regard to allergies, health complications, and any previous surgeries. In the case that the doctors and surgeons miss any minute medical details, the consequences could be dire. In order to avoid potential complications, full disclosure is of the utmost importance. Failure to provide surgeons with information regarding past surgeries is a dangerous mistake.

The most common reason that patients do not admit to previous surgeries during a consultation is for fear that surgeons will refuse to take the case if the procedure seems to risky. This concern is extremely misguided. Doctors and surgeons are responsible for the safety of their patients; if a surgeon refuses to perform a revisional or additional surgery, it is for the patient’s benefit. By being completely honest with your surgeon, he/ she is better able to assess your situation from all angles and take the best approach.

It is best not to surprise surgeons on the operating table. Surgeons take the time to plan out to the last detail how the surgery will be conducted. Any unplanned events that come up during the actual procedure will force surgeons to have to adapt to these changes quickly, which increases complications, risks and the length of time under anesthesia.

Full disclosure benefits both the patient and the surgeon. When surgeons are made aware of medical conditions, it is in this way that the most suitable and safe surgery can be planned and conducted accordingly. It should also be emphasized that patients cannot take their medical matters into their own hands by concealing critical information, as surgeons are experts in their respective fields of practice. No matter how experienced a surgeon may be, unplanned surgical maneuvers could result in patient safety risks that neither a surgeon nor a patient want. In keeping with patient information and surgery consistencies, surgeons can best ensure a successful surgery.

Written by Dr. Morin
Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

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